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Liquats Vegetals, SA

Liquats Vegetals, S.A. was founded in 1991 with the aim of producing and commercializing vegetable drinks which contribute to a healthy and balanced diet. For its location, it was chosen the Montseny Natural Reserve in order to use its water for the products elaboration. 

Liquats Vegetals was the first company to produce vegetable drinks in Spain and currently is specialized in natural drinks made of soy, oat, rice and almonds.

Top Quality

Since it began production, Liquats Vegetals has been committed to the highest quality. Our drinks contain pure water from the Viladrau spring, where our production plant is based. Our batch control system enables us to ensure the traceability of our raw materials. We can therefore guarantee that the raw materials have not been genetically modified. All our products are 100% natural and do not contain additives of any kind.

Service and Personal Touch

A team of professionals is responsible for customer service, orders, logistics and dispatches. The customer service department deals with consumer queries and explains the benefits of healthy and natural eating.

Environmental Commitment

The facilities of Liquats Vegetals include a water purifying and recycling point for all the sub-products generated during the production process.


Liquats Vegetals has state-of-the-art machinery for processing raw materials in its own facilities, thus ensuring that their properties remain intact.
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